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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tutu Care -How to Care your tutus

Learn some basic rules for caring for your tutus:)

1. Do NOT use a machine washer or dryer. To remove stains from your tutu, let it soak in cool water and carefully hand wash your tutu using a gentle soap such as Woolite. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and hang dry in a well ventilated area. You should spot clean whenever possible.

2.How To Remove WrinklesIf your tutu has become wrinkled, one solution is to hang it in the bathroom and run a hot shower for 15-30 minutes. The steam from the shower will gently help remove any unwanted wrinkles. A hand held steamer will also work well.

3. Ironing Your Tutu – Use extreme caution when ironing your tutu. Too much heat can permanently damage your tutu and even melt the fabric. If you need to iron your tutu, be sure to use low heat and place a cloth over the tulle fabric to avoid direct contact.

4. Hang Your Tutus – The best way to maintain your tutus fluffiness and to avoid unwanted wrinkles is by hanging it up in the closet.

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