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Friday, January 1, 2010


If you would like to see your princess tutus photo here, email it to and it will be here quick sticks!

Tutu Workshop fans….

A custom rompas for Ashley Jade chritsmas day, from tutu workshop ^)

Thanks Farah, for sharing with me her cute petite princess Lil wearing on tutu workshop Custom mermaid tutu on her BIG Day !!

These are some of picture taken at the Masterskill Uni college for the new launch of Carefree Panty liner.

If you're a tweety b.. opPS ^^ I mean tween or adult , and want a tutu ^^ Please contact me with the details of the tutu you want, including waist and length measurements, and I can then give you a price quote.

I custom designed this purple tone tutu added sequence for her baby doll Rania for Raya . Rosie daughter couldn't be any cuter right !!

Thank you Rosie for the cute dolly images ^^

Princess Miao miao ^^

mens N girLs in one tutu...

Do your still remember my previous post "Possibilities are endless", miao miao ^ )

As i promise , I'll post them on here for you 'll to see! This is my first adult tutu that i specially custom made for maio miao^ o^ !! , she shared this happiness friends around her , and i would LOVE to share this with you all :D

Here are a few pictures taken at Audrey Jessica B'day party this past week !! ^^ Medan Indonesia.

Hello Kitty Rock Star with mommy

Model- Audrey Jessica *)
Hello Kitty Rock Star - tutu workshop

Goodies for the guest !!

A cute idea to fulfill every girl's dream of owning lovely ...Thanks for sharing those photos Suyanti ^^.

Oooh La La! This Gorgeous Tutu is is wonderful in purple and simple in design. Decorated with kiss color satin ribbon around the waist and embellished with a purple roses, this little simply gorgeous is on the way to surprise 30+ Suyanti, from Medan, Indonesia :)

Hope you like the tutu !
Hugsssssss and Kisses
Joanne lee

This will be the cutest idea to keep on wedding day !! Thanks Yasmine ; ) for sharing her little princess wearing on fairy classic tutu on her relative wedding,Penang G hotel , last month !!

Squealed with delight ')

If you like this idea, convo with me to design your own special tutu. ...I LOVE custom work ; D

This was a great day and makes for a fun weekend.... I had spent with tutu workshop 1st winner ...... BB Athirah ,hosted at My Super Kids ;D !!..,

And there goes the winner- BB Athirah...; P .

She brought our tutu to life with her cutie, and skills!!
Athirah: " yeah!! mommy , i made it " !!

Athirah: " I'm hot, get me fan please ......." !!

Atirah: " Much better ......." !!

She is just too.... adorableeeeee... miss u darling !!

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